WildThings Plant Farm
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We believe in both promoting native species and welcoming plants into our gardens from around the world.

We're About ...

We have a passion for North American native plants. We believe that when wildflowers aren't dismissed as weeds, gardeners help sustain Canada's wild places and wild things. Yet we know map borders don't stop wind, birds, insects, animals or seeds. We welcome all kinds of plants into our display gardens and grow natives and exotics side by side.

We like to experiment and to bend and stretch the accepted rules for hardiness zones and for sun or shade and dryness or moisture requirements.

Education About Chemical Controls

We strive to provide top quality, well-grown plants without the use of chemical controls. We're not certified organic, but we're not crazy either. We do not use any chemical pesticides or herbicides. We do use water-soluble fertilizers on our seedlings but we're hopeful that will soon change and we can make the switch to economically viable organic fertilizers.

We Invite You ...
See firsthand the beauty of native plants, the sheer variety of hostas, the delicious heritage tomatoes available, or simply to chat or walk our Woodland Trail. Come for a visit. We host a number of events through our May to September season ... plant sales, workshops and more. See All Events

We Grow Good Roots