Statement of Purpose

To promote native species and to welcome plants into our gardens from around the world.

We have a passion for North American native plants. They’re tough and beautiful. Yet, we believe in diversity. The world of plants is not static. Borders drawn on a map don’t stop the wind or the birds, insects or animals, and they won’t stop seeds or other plant material from traveling the globe. And anyway, we like all kinds of plants. We like to experiment and to bend and stretch the accepted rules for hardiness zones and for sun or shade and dryness or moisture requirements. In our display gardens we grow natives and exotics side by side. We believe that when wildflowers aren’t dismissed as weeds, gardeners help sustain Canada’s wild places and wild things.

To provide top quality, well-grown plants without the use of chemical controls.

We grow good roots. Our plants are grown in a compost, rich in organic material, which encourages strong root development and sturdy vegetative growth above the soil. Plants that come out of our pots are ready to thrive in your garden. We know this because we grow gardens ourselves – in soil conditions as diverse as heavy clay to rocky sand. We also over-winter our inventory of plants in their pots, outside under the snow, with no other protection. When the spring comes and the snow melts, our plants are strong, happy and rarin’ to grow. We do not use any chemical pesticides or herbicides. We do use water-soluble fertilizers on our seedlings. We’re hopeful that will soon change, that we can make the switch to economically viable organic fertilizers. We’re not certified organic, but we’re not crazy either. If you can’t grow something without using poison, why grow it?

To have fun.

That’s it, pure and simple. It’s why we started gardening in the first place.


Let's Bring Nature Into Your Lovely House